Curious about FFCRA? Let's break it down in plain English

FFCRA Stands For The Families First Coronavirus Response Act

This law was crafted to support folks during the pandemic. Now, here's the cool part—it's not a loan; it's like the government's way of saying, 'Hey, we got your back!'

So, what does it do?

Imagine you're self-employed or running a small gig, and COVID throws a wrench in your plans—FFCRA steps in to provide tax credits. It's not some bureaucratic maze; it's a straightforward way of getting back the bucks you deserve.

Whether you're a freelancer, rideshare driver, Etsy shop owner, or the creative brain behind your small biz, FFCRA could be your financial superhero. It's all about giving you a hand when you've had to miss work due to quarantine, childcare hurdles, illness, vaccination stuff, or other COVID-related hiccups.

In a nutshell, FFCRA is like a financial friend, there to help you get back on your feet without any tricky paperwork acrobatics. So, if you've been wondering, 'What's the deal with FFCRA?'—now you know! It's Uncle Sam saying, 'We've got your back during these unpredictable times.'

What is FFCRA?
Know the facts

Unlike the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), FFCRA doesn't come with the loan baggage. It's not a loan; think of it as a nifty retroactive tax credit playing a role in your 2020 or 2021 income taxes. Picture this: it'll either trim down the bill you owe Uncle Sam right now or drop a check or ACH deposit straight into your pocket, depending on your tax situation.

And here's the beauty of it—all those FFCRA credits sent directly your way? Yours to spend however you see fit. No payback, no strings attached. It's like a financial boost with the freedom to use it where it matters most for you.


Wondering if you're included?

Who Qualifies?

Who's in the FFCRA crew? Let's keep it simple.

If you're self-employed, an independent business owner, or the brains behind a small gig, you're in the game. Now, did you miss some work because of COVID? Maybe it was the quarantine hustle, juggling closed schools, or dealing with vaccine vibes—whatever the case, if COVID threw a wrench in your work plans, you could be in line for some serious cash.

Are you a rideshare driver, a freelancing genius, an Etsy extraordinaire, or a master of the gig economy? Yep, you count. Whether you're into art, fitness, coding, or any other gig that's uniquely you, FFCRA could be your financial sidekick.

So, if you're nodding along and thinking, 'Hey, that's me!'—you might be eligible for FFCRA goodness. It's not about jumping through hoops or doing complex tax gymnastics. It's Uncle Sam saying, 'You've been through enough; here's a little help to keep you going.' Cheers to getting what you deserve!

Your three (3) main qualifiers:

Factors contributing to loss of work: